Dorchester Real Estate

    Previously a separate city, Dorchester was annexed to Boston over a period of years that ended in 1870.  “Dot”, as locals call it, is as diverse a city as any on the South Shore.  At 160,000 residents, it would be (if it was it’s own city) the fifth most populous in all of the Commonwealth.  People who live here chose to do so for one or more of the many amenities it offers.  The commute into Boston is very easy from Dorchester; just a few miles up I-93 or along Dorchester Avenue and you are downtown. Or take the T from any of the 5 stops in the city.  Or take the bus, or bike, or even walk it on a nice day – from the northern areas, it is only two or so miles.  There is so much to do here for residents and visitors alike.  People flock to the miles of shoreline and hiking trails along it – the 2.4 mile Lower Neponset River Trail is great for hiking, biking and walking.  Pope John Paul park is 66 acres of restored land with soccer, pathways, fishing and waterviews.  Franklin Park has Boston’s zoo and the public golf course.  And there are a multitude of diverse neighborhoods with great shops, restaurants, cafes and parks to enjoy.  Fans of the Kennedy Family can visit not only the John F. Kennedy Museum, but also brother Edward (Teddy) Kennedy’s Institute for the United States Senate.  Education opportunities are plentiful here also.  Besides multiple public schools of all grades K-12, there are several charter schools, more than a dozen private K-12 schools, and a campus of the University Of Massachusetts college system is in town.  The local economy is vibrant and alive, with many small boutique-type shops, said restaurants and cafes, and a smattering of manufacturing/industry/warehouse.  Convenient and desirable Dorchester, Massachusetts!